Travelling and feeling beautiful with eyelash extensions

Everyone knows that you have to look absolutely beautiful while travelling so you can show off your travels on your various social media platforms.  Most ladies go for the eyelash extensions, eyebrow tint and a wax.  These are very popular because you can go swimming, do activities and not have to worry about putting on makeup or taking it off.

From experience you need to plan ahead and the very first things I think about is where to goto to get my beauty done.  The number 1 place for eyelash extensions in the Northern Beaches is Lashes By Krissy.  They will make sure everything is ready for your travels to wherever you’re going.

However there are many other places to choose from is you just do a quick Google search for lash extensions.

What lash extensions should I get before I go?

Well this depends on what exactly you like.  There are many different types that you could choose from like classic, volume, mega volume, Russian, Handmade, pro made, Wispy.  It all depends on what you like and what will suit you best.  It’s always good to talk to your lash artist first before committing to a look as it may not suit your lashes.

How long will my lashes last while away on holiday?

Before I go away I plan to have my lashes on just before I go on holiday so it will last the most possible time while I’m away.  It’s usually about 2-4 weeks they will last.  However this does depend on your lash upkeep.  As the more you look after them, the longer your extensions will last.  This is done by using a lash approved shampoo and brush to keep them clean and untangled.  Also you need to make sure not to sleep on them or rub your eyes so they fall out.  Being diligent in upkeep and cleanliness will keep them fuller for longer.

I thought I would include this video below to show you the process before travelling that I like to do and this girl explains so well.

5 Things To Look Out For When Renting an Apartment in Newcastle

5 Things To Look Out For When Renting an Apartment in Newcastle

The English city of Newcastle, the eight populous cities in the UK is a mix of rural, urban, and suburban areas. The area of Upon Tyne is the economic hub of the city, houses the headquarters of several multinational companies provide lucrative employment options to the city’s inhabitants. The city houses two renowned universities, Newcastle and Northumberland. Thus making it a desirable place for students and job seeking to live in. Though it is a bit tough to find an accommodation that suits both your budget and liberated lifestyle, we are here with 5 research-driven tips that must be paid heed to when looking for renting newcastle central apartments.

Budgetary Consideration

As per research, 30% of a monthly income can be spent on paying rent and utilities. When renting a serviced apartment, leasing is not the only daunting task, the monthly utility bills, maintenance, especially if you choose to live in the heart of Newcastle, when buildings and streets are dated back to 1830 and much of the area has preserved its gleam due to the high maintenance by the authorities and the surrounding inhabitants. Visit every real estate website and calculate the budget you can manage easily without affecting your other monthly commitments. Research thoroughly and choose wisely!

Leasing Agreement

Be careful before signing any legal document provided by the landlord. The rules and regulations in Newcastle historic city are super strict and if you have no knowledge of legal terms, share it with any family member or friend who has the know-how of leasing details. Thoroughly go through every clause and pay special heed to the late rent policy, restrictions for behavior, and terms and conditions of eviction.

Amenities & Sustenance in Newcastle

That totally depends upon your taste and lifestyle. A nearby workplace to reduce the traveling cost or a gym to keep in shape, a grocery store, or laundry, your favorite video-game shop or barber, keep a check on your needs before renting a serviced apartment in Newcastle, several neighborhoods of the city offers these lucrative amenities that make life easy and fun.

Roommates to save money

For students and job seekers, the wise option is to look for a refurbished serviced apartment in Newcastle instead of a new one. Or the one not located on the prime location, maybe? Just to suit your budget. These small shifts can make a huge difference in your monthly expenses.
There is another way to share the financial load while keeping the best apartment in a prime location in Newcastle is to have a roommate.

Tread Slowly

Sleep in a bookstore: now you can in Paris

Sleep in a bookstore: now you can in Paris

Sleep in a bookstore? In Paris it is possible. In the city of love the Hotel Marais Paris Boutik La Librairie opened , a small hotel housed in a bookshop. This magical and romantic place is located on rue Caffarelli 12, a short distance from Place de la République, the heart of the metropolis.

In this delightful bookcase with colorful shop windows and shelves full of books, there is a suite of 45 square meters where you can sleep surrounded by the scent of paper and ink . The room has a double bed, a seating area, a sofa bed, a flat-screen TV, a bathroom with a bathtub, a kitchenette with a microwave, a coffee machine and a fridge. Not only that: among the options offered there is also WiFi, a dvd player, blu-ray, drying rack and mini-bar.

The apartment is located in the Marais district, one of the most interesting in Paris , full of artists’ shops, shops and restaurants. The price for one night varies from 230 to 295 euros depending on the period chosen.

If you love bookshops and Paris you can also try to spend a night in the legendary Shakespeare and Company . This book store is located at 8 rue Dupuytren and was founded in 1921 by the American Sylvia Beach. In twenty years it became a meeting place for many British and American artists in France, welcoming writers such as Hemingway , Joyce, Ezra Pound and Man Ray. 

Over the years the owner of the bookshop has hosted many writers and artists , making them sleep among the books in one of the eight beds. Still today, Whitman’s daughter, Sylvia, is home to people from all over the world. To sleep in the Shakespeare & Company it is necessary to be invited by the owner and it is a privilege reserved for a few, but trying not harm.

A dip in the clearest waters in the world

A dip in the clearest waters in the world

Do you want to take a dip in crystal clear waters ? No need to go to the Caribbean. At hand there are seas and even lakes with crystal-clear waters , such as Lake Vogorno , an artificial basin in the Verzasca Valley in Switzerland, Cala Macarelleta in Minorca and Bodrum in Turkey.

The waters of Playa Blanca in Colombia, of Dog Island , in the archipelago of San Blas, in Panama, and of Puerto Ayora in the Galapagos are also so transparent as to show the bottom .

Clear and crystalline to look like retouched with Photoshop are also the waters of some lakes, such as Blue Lake in New Zealand, Jenny Lake in Wyoming, Crater Lake in Oregon and Lake Tahoe in Nevada.